Sunday, 10 July 2016


Good morning everyone!

It's been a good week or so since my last update here and I'm feeling particularly inspired today. Perhaps a combination of listening to Stephen Silver's Art Talk (which I heavily recommend if you are an artist of any kind - check him out on YouTube! I'll post a link at the bottom of this page), and being an art powerhouse this weekend has really lifted my mood and motivation.

Today I want to talk about regrets, because we all have them. They're not helpful to hold onto and don't serve you whatsoever, but mine started in University;

I spent a lot of time gaming and not enough pursuing what mattered to me. I also had my first proper relationship in year 2, into which I poured most of my time and energy as opposed to my work. Neither of these were a great combination when you have deadlines and really want to show people what you can do. I regret putting my work second, because ultimately it led to me asking for an extension to finish my final major project.

Now of course, gaming and relationships are wonderful things. I love videogames and I am in a very happy relationship with a supportive and kind person. But the important thing is not to lose yourself or your drive to produce great quality art, or music, or whatever it is you love to do. Gaming is great in moderation as long as it does not interfere with other things and relationships are great if you can still be yourself and pursue what matters to you.

If you really have drive, and really LOVE what you do, you will just do it. No excuses, no ifs or buts. Just get on with it because it's the most natural thing for you to do and nothing brings you the same amount of happiness. This has always been true for me with art, but during that time years ago I lost my way and focused too heavily on external sources to make me happy. You have to be confident that these things will still be there even when you put your efforts into your work. A good boyfriend/girlfriend will support you, and games don't go anywhere.

So if you love to do something and want to work at it, just do it...because, you love it, right? It's what you WANT to do. You want to start a painting? Go ahead and do it - don't let the fear of failure stop you and even if you do fail you learn something. Want to get your dream job? The only way to do it is to work hard...there are others out there working very hard and passionately to get what you want. Having said that, don't be put off by competition. Be inspired by people whose work you admire, and use it to push yourself forward.

Regrets happen no matter what you do in life. If you really love to do something hold onto it, work at it, and do your best. Not working to my best ability during Uni is my biggest regret but following the disappointment I made damn sure to change things around and I got back into my passion anyway, and it worked. Took some time, but I got there in the end and now I'm in a job I enjoy and have the time to work on commissions and my own personal projects because I just did it anyway. Not to prove anything, not because of pressure - just because I wanted to and I loved it.

Stephen Silver's YouTube channel:

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