Monday, 10 February 2014


Oops, had this lying around on my PC with the intention of uploading it here and I guess I forgot. I wanted to put this as my profile picture to keep in with the sketch/art theme. It's a very quick doodle, but I think the headphones and PS4 controller fit me perfectly? :) I <3 my PS4!


  1. That is a cool sketch Laura :)
    What game/feature have you enjoyed most so far on the ps4?

  2. Hey Mike! Lovely to hear from you!

    Well so far there arnet that many games on the market, But battlefield 4 and Killzone are amazing! Wish there were more hours in the day. Work/art/violin/gaming! So much to do. I actually snooped around your blog last night and saw your decorated room - it's beautiful! Can imagine it's a very peaceful place to stay!

  3. Thanks Laura. Great to hear from you as well, the art you have posted lately is awesome, especially the kindle stuff. Looking forward to more book related art as you progress. Yeah, it is amazing how little time we have to do things especially when sleep cuts our life by a 1/3 rd. But as long as we try and fill the rest with things we enjoy then that is what matters most :)

    Lol the Doge drawing you did is awesome, I actually mined some Doge coins for a laugh (I have 30,000 doge coins lol, I did some online gambling with them since no where accepts them yet haha and that was quite interesting.)