Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bits and pieces


  1. Awesome drawings. The last picture is adorable XD

  2. Thank you, Mike! I drew it for my boyfriend for valentines day (not a fan of the soppy cards, personally) ;D

    How are you doing? :) I need to keep in touch more often, life is just crazy! But there's a free weekend coming up to work on my art and stay up to date with friends!

  3. Lol soppy can be awesome if done right, and you did it right. So soppy it is awesome is the right way to do it :)

    At least you are updating and doing art still even when things are hectic for you, so well done for that. It will be awesome when you finish the book designs as that will be a big achievement.

    I will try to get on skype later this year as it would be awesome to talk more about art and travel etc, but I will keep in touch through the blogs for a while whilst I plod along doing art. I am going on holiday soon and then one last round of surgery so I am out of action for quite a few months and also tons of learning accounting and other stuff/motorcycle/driving again etc and also therapy which has been awesome so far in helping through the tough stuff. It is nice to finally be able to reach out for help, definitely life changing stuff.