Sunday, 23 June 2013

Final Ratchet & Clank Commission

Without texture:
Not sure which one is best yet, but the painting is done and ready to be printed. Click for a better view. :)

Characters. Ratchet (my favourite!):


Captain Quark:

Here is the video that inspired me for this painting!


  1. Awesome stuff. You should do a fan art movie poster for the ratchet and clank movie :)

    I think without texture is the better version. I would not hide the work behind a texture as it does not add much at all to be honest, the scene is not as vibrant as without the texture.

  2. Thank you Mike! And yes I agree with you, the texture does ruin it a little but I thought I'd try it out as an option!

    I can't wait to see the movie! :D

  3. I am sure the movie will be great, the animations in the trailer are awesome (love the logo crushing scene). Never realised ratchet and clank was popular enough to have a film made, perhaps it was made just for you :) 2015 is a long time for it to come out though. Spyro needs a movie made to backup that theory now.

    The lego film trailer is awesome, check it out if you have not already.

  4. Also I will say again you did a fantastic job on this commision, well done. It will be interesting to see what commisions you do next.

    You can make good money doing this stuff if you market yourself well, I have seen a few livestreamers doing quite well. I am trying to find good artists on there who cover cool concepts or topics (such as dan luvisi, way of the D painter, sickbrush). Sadly it appears most of the money to be made is in the wierd side of the arts, such as furry art and adult art possibly including furry lol. livestream can certainly offend the eyes when it wants to. I had to lose a lot of innocence swimming through livestream trying to find some good artists who can cater to my style lol.

    If you want to practice your realistic skills definitely have a quick go at what I am doing, perhaps pick a favourite piece of classical art and try to replicate it freehand in as little time and detail necessary to get the message accross.

  5. This looks amazing! OMG!
    Great work hunny! I'm loving this.

    All dem details and the texture, all of it. Just crazy good.
    Keep up the badass work! ILU <3