Monday, 24 June 2013

Commission Information (please click image!)

Only 1 spot left!

Current commission status:

Michael VR : 2 digital paintings.
Richard Smith: 1 digital painting.

I will have these finished by the end of the month! :)

Sorry for the lack of activity on here, I've been in the USA and South America for the past month and a half but now I'm back and ready to get into arting again! I have some sketches from my trip to upload too. :D


  1. That is awesome that you did sketching whilst on your trip, looking forward to seeing them.

    I am sure you had an awesome time so I don't really need to ask lol. I am going to be dissapointed if I hear you did not wear a cowboy hat 24/7 and did not buy "THE ROCK" Michael Bay film on dvd/bluray whilst visiting alcatraz, they must have a guy selling that film on every street corner I am sure of it, probably giving it away as no one wants it. (you should watch it if you have not already, pretty cool film) lol.

    Did you finish that monument valley painting in the end?

    It would be awesome to see more paintings/digital/sketching themes on the US and other places.

    Looking forward to seeing future art

  2. Hi Mike! Oh god it was the best month and a half ever. Some days the camping part could get super uncomfortable (one of my friends tents flooded one evening, and me and my friend got bitten a lot), but the sights, friendships and activities (hiking, helicopters, jeeps, etc) made it worth everything! I've written a little bit about my trip but so much happened as every day was crammed to the full aside for a couple of days in vegas, DC and Yosemite that we had to ourselves. It's definitely inspired me to see more of the world and document places artistically. Monument Valley was like a painting in real life - so beautiful.