Saturday, 2 May 2015

eLearning Artwork

Myself and a co-worker have designed a new Learning management system in work, which has been developed and refined for a few months. It went live across the UK and Northern Ireland last week and it's been so exciting to know that thousands of people will be taking courses I've designed/created artwork for! Here are some vector images I produced in Adobe Illustrator for an induction course.


  1. Awesome Work Laura, congratulations !!! :)

  2. Hi Mike! Thank you so much :) it's really fun to work on!

    Just so you know, I've deleted my Facebook account recently but I am still around here to keep in touch! (it's been a long time coming, sick of the lack of privacy and how intrusive it felt). So happy you are still keeping your blog going too :)

  3. Thanks for telling me Laura about Facebook. I am not a fan of Facebook at all to be honest. Never have, never will. Twitter though I really like. I am currently using Youtube, Soundcloud, Blogger and twitter as my main platforms. I will keep my facebook open and run it, but I may close it down in the future in favour of the others.

    Definitely post up more stuff, and it is awesome seeing your designs from work. That is so cool to be doing it as a profession :D

    Very happy you are back on your blog :) Such a cool place to visit, and I am glad you are still in touch and doing art.

    Do you have any other social media places you will use for your art. Twitter, youtube? It would be cool if you did speed art videos on youtube. I have a lot of my music up on my youtube account and soon some 3d stuff once I complete it.

    here are my other social media places if you ever want them :

    They mostly contain the same postings, but sometimes I post different things on seperate accounts. I always post to my blog account as well :)

    It has been very slow progress for my stuff, but I am getting there. I am starting to learn the piano now and look into music theory. Long way to go but it is fun doing art and music :)

  4. Twitter is great because it's open and you can share things and connect based on interests, which is what I enjoy. Haven't thought about speed paints but it's definitely something to consider!

    Just added you on Twitter :)

    Don't worry if you feel you are progressing slowly. I am too...sometimes my ambitions out-run the reality of how much time I have! I'm hoping to start developing a comic soon, but I need to control the details. I can get carried away with trying to make things look too polished when I should just be having fun and working on improving!

    I love your music though!