Saturday, 11 January 2014

Commission sketch and Elsa

Sorry for the lack of regular updates lately, everyone! Life has been super hectic! I've discovered that I actually really love to sketch hair and eyes so I've been drawing a lot of human characters lately. The top is a commission WIP for a friend who wants a DJ pin-up sort of girl! The bottom is Elsa from Disney's 'Frozen'. the kids where I work were going nuts for the movie so I drew her for them. :)

In other news my violin lessons have officially started. I am learning at Cardiff School of Music with a very knowledgeable and kind violinist, and am currently learning Pizzicato...essentially using my violin as a guitar to better understand the notes. I am also learning to read sheet music. It's very helpful that my tutor is combining theory with practice and I have plenty of homework to do!

More updates soon!

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  1. Eeeeee! =D It's looking great so far, Laura! =)