Sunday, 27 October 2013

'Kindle and the Wizard' Final Cover and an additional sketch.

Version without text.

Cover with text.

Air dragon sketch.


  1. Very cool work Laura, the dragon designs are great :)

    How long do you think it will take to finish the book?

  2. Thank you for your comment, Mike! So sorry I haven't been in touch much lately, life's become so busy. I would like to get the book finished early next year as I am working full time and can usually only dedicate weekends to it (weekdays too, depending on how exhausted I am), but it's a project I love and I look forward to weekends for that reason! Not your average party girl in her mid twenties am I? XD

    How are you doing? Your studies look lovely! I definitely need to try what you are doing and get used to different ways of painting; using tones etc. What's news with you? :)

  3. That sounds great Laura, it will be awesome to see how the book comes together. Certainly a fantastic achievement. Look forward to the day it is finished, a huge milestone for sure.

    Yeah I can imagine things are very hectic for you, I am happy you still do art and the blog as well, keep at it :)

    Things have been very hectic as well. I have achieved some massive milestones lately but I have a long way to go to achieve things I need to do to get my life back in order, but most of the main ones are done which is great. I have finally won the fight against eczema which was a huge thing, finally able to live so much better now that it is not much of an issue to me anymore. One more round of surgery to go early next year and I should be good except a few scars which are not that bad :)

    Aiming for a motorcycle licence by mid next year, almost finished my basic training and things are going great on it so far. Studying accounting, and that is going badly lol but I will keep at it and also try other things as well. I am continuing art so that is not an issue, need to get back into a routine. So yeah, things are kinda crazy lately. It would be cool to catch up properly once I have gotten through most of these hurdles. Hopefully by the later end of next year things should have calmed down in my life and It would be awesome to catch up and meet up or skype etc about Art or America or anything really.

    I will definitely be around doing art for a long time trying to learn on my blog. Definitely keep doing what you love doing with your Art, always fantastic to see updates.

  4. Hi Mike,

    I'm so glad things are getting there for you. Take each day as it comes, and I know this is easier said than done. At least you are getting on top of your eczema and are living a more comfortable life. Keep me updated on how things are going.

    Motorcycling sounds fun! :) I'm glad you are getting into that! Sounds like a fab hobby!

    Things are crazy for us both but we will get through it. :) and same to you, keep up with what you love and don't stop being yourself.