Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kindle re-design and rough story outline.

I'm giving my children's story from 2010 a totally new look and re-doing the whole thing. Here's Kindle, a little dragon owned by a wizard who snores too loudly and lives in a very messy hut. Kindle doesn't get out much; Dragons arnet well-recieved where the wizards live and practice their magic after several of the elder dragons 'accidentally' burned down their villages. The wizards cast a spell to separate the dragon lands from their own, so Kindle is kept as a pet under strict supervision after being left behind before the spell was cast, on the wrong side of the magic wall which separates the two lands.

Kindle, being a young dragon, becomes restless and longs to break away from the old wizard, who has no real use for him other than to aid the feelings of elderly lonliness. He cannot return to his land, so he uses the wizard's magic hat to do things he would not normally be able to do while the old coot is asleep.

I can't wait to get stuck into illustrating this story again and working on shaping the characters and world. I had so much fun in University, and now I plan to make it even better with the hope of it being published someday. :)

I'm aiming this story for an audience between the ages of 3-10, as the children in the nursery where I work adored the 2010 version and asked me repeatedly to bring it in and read it to them!

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