Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blacksmith WIP

I'm currently helping a friend design a blacksmith character for a boredom-breaking pen and paper game he plays. Here's something to show you guys as part of my daily update.


  1. Hey Laura :)
    I found a blank sketchbook in my drawer and this piece is inspiring me to get back into gesture / anatomy drawing.

    I am hoping to do sketching each day and see how far I can get. At some point we should incorporate anatomy sketching as part of a monthly colab alongside the theme (like the dragon one, which i am taking far too long on lol) I think the next theme should be Colour. I am rusty on skin texturing, so an awesome quick test will be to portray a face or any body part with the skin under different lighting conditions and see where the weaknesses are.

    Morning, Midday, Dusk and night. So four quick sketches (male or female / both) under those conditions. The theme can be either cartoony or realistic, whichever one you would like to practice most. I am trying to master realism before going cartoony just yet. I think this test will teach you many things about colour which you can apply to anything as skin is one of the hardest areas to get right with colour in realism.

  2. Heya Mike!

    It's great that my stuff actually inspires people. I don't plan to make millions from it, I just want it to bring me and others happiness, and if it inspires people too then I have done my job tenfold and I'm really excited about that! XD

    Yeah keep at it! What I've seen so far on your blog is incredible and you should keep going! also take your time; there's no need to rush and stress yourself out over it. Let it all come naturally. :)

    That sounds like a brilliant concept. I've had a poke through some of my old life drawing sketches and I've decided to take up life drawing classes again, my first one is after work tomorrow and I can't wait. No doubt it will do my creative work some justice. I'd rather try some realistic too but cartoony is still mega fun!

  3. Yeah i just dug through my old sketches and posted it up now, I will continue to do sketching when I can. That is great to hear about the life drawing classes Laura. I may do that again in the future after surgery and stuff.

    Man it is tough trying to be a good artist :( lol
    Definitely keep at it with realism attempts when you can and ease into it, tough as hell but so worth it. I need to do the opposite and ease into cartoony or anime stuff to branch out into in the future, I am scared haha.

    Definitely post your life drawing results Laura, will be great to see or any old life drawing stuff.