Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Up Your Arsenal

I adore these guys, and the upcoming movie has put me into fangirl-mode. :D Click for a better view!

Title of the image is from the 3rd PS2 game. I love Insomniac. Photo included because sometimes my scanner hates me.


  1. Those marker pens give amazing results, very professional. You should do some art on acetate sheets and frame them. Really cool to see so much traditional art going on, very inspiring. If you get your hands on illustrator there is a cool feature which can automatically turn a picture into vector art (in most cases the results are terrible compared to by hand but sometimes it produces awesome results) You should give it a whirl sometime for a laugh.

    I am hoping to do some stencil graffiti art in the near future as I have some spare canvases left over. I may have to bust out a sketch pad some time and see if I can still draw lol. I have a whole case full of traditional media stuff, mostly from WHAT! (damn their cheap prices!) still unused. I will have to get off my ass to do some traditional stuff in the future.

  2. Everytime I read the name of the place, I scream it in my mind...

    I use promarkers, which are actually cheap copics. But they still give really nice results, depending on the paper you use. If the paper has a weak gsm (density) then they tend to bleed easily or don't give enough coverage, and going over the same spot to try making the color look consistent can damage the paper, so I always use Daler Rowney ebony sketbooks for any marker work! (I'd suggest you get one, they're quite expensive but by far the best books I've ever bought for many types of media, and they're hard-back). Your graffiti work would look perfect on it.

    I think as an artist it's important to keep practicing traditional art alongside digital. Mainly because there are many 'happy mistakes' and techniques you can stumble on when you experiment traditionally. In the digital world, it's harder to make these mistakes and it's simpler. Messing with paint and getting the right consistency with how much water you use, which colours to try, etc is all part of the fun to me. Because sometimes the results are different to what you expect and are better. :) There's also no CTRL+Z in real life, so you can always look back on what didn't work as a learning curve!

  3. Check out http://www.jeremygeddesart.com/ if you have not already. Such an inspiration for myself even though I am not a huge fan of the subject matter, his execution for his paintings blow me away, on a level which I will never reach but I will always try though.

    It is a shame that oil paints are so expensive in the long run and messy otherwise I would go nuts with it for fun. But you are so right about traditonal media and the techniques Laura.

    Are you planning on doing any other paintings? You should do one for each major scene/place which you will visit in the states and south america, maybe like a visual diary. Lol maybe too much work haha.


  4. Why did you have to show me that link, Mike? :( You had to make me cry didn't you? :D Haha seriously that art is unreal. It looks like photography! Not quite at that level yet but the best we can do it keep learning and making mistakes until we get to the right place and where we want to be.

    Acrylics are messy, too. My room looks like a bunch of toddlers have run through it. Empty and half-used paint tubes and brushes everywhere! And I'd have it no other way. :)

    I've bought a few canvases, so yes I plan to make many more paintings. I'm putting all my energy into art right now since life is calm and I have finished my childcare course. I have space to breathe and be myself, and get back into what I love the most. I'm getting into a habit of drawing a finished piece in a sort of traditional/digial/traidtional/digital way...but it will obviously depend on what I'm in the mood for. But I'm aiming to improve both aspects of art so I can be versatile enough to freelance and develop my own style, which is my main priority other than traveling at the moment! I'm sure America will offer me many inspirational sights. It's another reason I wanted to go so bad; The places I'll visit will be beautiful and will no doubt inspire my work. Do you think you'll try traditional soon? :)

  5. I will definitely try traditional art in the future again, once i have reached a good level for digital i will go back and start traditional alongside it.

    America will certainly give the inspirational boost you need as it will start a new chapter in your life no doubt.

    It is great to see you are getting back to your old self, no doubt with your passion for art the next few years will definitely bring the desired skill level you are aiming for, keep at it and you will get there.