Thursday, 2 May 2013

Red vs. White

Really not happy with the colouring on this, but it was a good exercise. At least I learned where my weaknesses are. Click for a better view. I think it worked better as line-art, personally.

My half of a collaboration with Mike Knight. :)

No more dragons for a while. :D


  1. Hey Laura this is awesome. You should perhaps mess around with texture work as well or random brush work to spice it up in photoshop. I don't think you should be dissapointed at all, very nice work. I think if your weakness is colouring, is perhaps to use this piece as a template and try multiple colour experiments until you are satisfied. But yeah, very cool stuff Laura. I really want to continue doing this kind of thing as it is really cool to see how we can progress in our own time.

    I have been extremely busy so far but I hope to finish in the next 2/3 weeks or so or whenever I can. I will give you a shout when I do in the next few weeks and then we could try again on another topic when you feel like it :) I am trying to do the white dragon, which will be cool. I have not done much yet, but I am starting to think about colour pallettes first trying to get the right atmosphere before I dive into detail stuff.

  2. Laura i`m not stalking you i just dont want to be without you /Yoonte (not the annoying "kid" in BO2)

  3. Mike, thanks so much for your comment. :) It means a lot that you check back here and encourage me! Take your time with your painting, it's better to do it in your own time than rush it. We can continue this for as long as you want. :D

    You're right about the colour palettes, it's the one thing I struggle with (and setting the right tone), I'll keep that in mind for my next painting. :)

  4. No problems Laura, It is so great you are still so passionionate about your art, very inspiring to always see.

    I will be doing art for many years to come so I will be around if you need to talk about art etc, even though I need a ton of improvement, I honestly could not go without doing it. As I found out when I quit for a few years, it honestly was like losing a huge part of me. That is why I am trying to do it as a supplementary job alongside another career, I will be livestreaming in the future once I get the right gear and have improved a ton. It is going to be a rough number of years to come lol, but I will achieve it one day.

    Have an awesome trip to the states. It would be great to do American based art themes in the near future.

    I will probably be another 3 weeks with my dragon stuff, I am trying for the first time in years to do a proper piece if I can, but I can't help but cry myself to sleep trying to do it after so long lol hehe.