Monday, 13 May 2013

Perez WIP

One of my favourite artists, Dan LuVisi, spent years creating his character 'Gabriel'. It shows me I have a long development process for my own characters and worlds, so I'm going back to my London 350 project and updating it as I improve.

Here's Perez, looking a bit different to the cartoony depiction of yesteryear. Many character updates to come!

WIP because I'm far from done with this. :)


  1. I saw Dan livestreaming, yeah I cried to sleep after watching haha, he is an aweosme artist. Great to see you have a great inspiration.

    I am trying to think about who I look upto most and I honestly do not know who to say. But if i was forced to choose someone it would probably be chuck close (Master of photorealistic portrait paintings) or ralph goings (check him out he does photorealistic paintings of American scenery such as in Diners) as they are the artists to inspire me to look into photorealism as my favourite genre of art to try and look into.

    I do not ever want to replicate what they do though, I chose to never want to replicate a subject matter of something that can be simply taken with a camera, they are technical masters but to me I want to create what does not exist and to make it believable, not to simply copy life or photographs. They will always be an inspiration no matter what. Hopefully I can achieve even a slice of the technical skill they posses and I will be happy.

  2. Aw man tell me about it. He gets them done so quickly's like, NURGH! But don't worry, more often than not the journey is more important (and more fun) than the destination! :)

    I will have a look at those artists when I get home, but I agree with you. I'd rather use real life as a source of inspiration to fuel the imagination than to simply replicate it. You will get there; Just push yourself and have faith in your ability, and never let anyone tell you that you CAN'T do something. Positive attitude all the way! :)