Friday, 12 April 2013

Dragon sketchypoo

Again sorry for the Instagram photos as a means to show you any traditional art. Scanner still isn't speaking to me and I think it just needs to chill out... agh!

BTW I can happily say I am very much in love with Faber Castell pens. Like, really really in love.


  1. Awesome linework :)

    I wish I could afford proper marker pens, I always look at the prices and say "NOPE". I will have to make do with good old blood, sweat and tears for now.

    You should do a concept of the welsh dragon, perhaps fighting the white dragon. That would be pretty awesome. I am tempted to try that soon perhaps :)

  2. Hahahaha NOPE NOPE NOPE. I bought most of mine around Christmas, I have a good arsenal going on now. Can't wait to get my own place and set up my own little studio!

    That concept is something I thought of before. Might sketch it up later :)

  3. Lol I can imagine the studio to be more like a mini fallout vault with an en suite studio.

    Hey Laura, I was thinking I am going to be ramping up digital art practice for the next number of years as I am terrible at the moment (ready to hopefully start livestreaming in the future), and was thinking of ways to help practice and have a bit of fun, if you have time do you want to have art battles?

    Like every month, a random or relevant theme/topic/style is posted or chosen and we can interpret that in our own ways and produce a piece or quick concepts based on the theme/topic/style, just for practice and to help improve skills. Nothing time consuming, more a quick excercise in ideas/concepts and branching out to different styles and then compare results to see how to improve and have a laugh whilst doing so. No worries if you do not want to, just throwing ideas out there.

    Have you been to What! on newport road cardiff, that is where my cheap ass used to go to for art supplies for foundation. Used to love saying WHAT! when I used to look at the prices, stocked up on tins full of chinese branded pencils for a £1 each (2H up to 2B etc). No idea if they still do art stuff as I have not been in ages, like a massive Hyper Value.


    I'm thinking this first practice should be the battling dragons! How does that sound?! This is definitely a good way to get motivated and work with someone else! I'm done with my childcare course now too so I have free time until I leave for 'Murica. Waaaaghhhh you have me all excited now, do it do it do it!

    I have been in there a few times but I'm obsessed with getting all my stuff from Hobbycraft (at least while I can afford it). It's amazing. :D

    Let me know when you are ready for the first battle, I think the dragons will make a good starting point!

  5. That is awesome to hear Laura. Here is a cool idea, do you want to do the red dragon and I will do the white dragon and we can see how things pan out? Concpetualise the character in whatever way you want in whatever format and go from there.

    In terms of time frame, I would say do it whenever and finish whenever. I would say both of us just say when we have had enough, we can compare work and have a laugh and then move onto another topic and keep repeating untill somone gets bored lol. Just a stress free have a go at things and see how it goes, I want to laugh at how badly I can fail at different subjects and themes, I think it will be fun as an ongoing thing. Obviously the next topic will be America hehe.

    I will see how much time I can dedicate from now on to do digital art. I am trying to juggle learning accounting and failing at it and art as well lol. Ill have a ton of free time for a number of months for digital art after the next surgery which will be quite cool. Hit me up on email, or i will email you about the digital art battles. I hope to properly use skype later in the year, just sticking to basics for a while.

  6. Sounds good Mike! :D I've actually already started the painting hahaha. I was already doodling away with the wacom when I saw your comment so thought why not :) I'm betting yours will look much better than mine though. It will be good to try and out-do ourselves and see how well we get on. :D

    I try and do as much as I can with art. Working full time is tiring so sometimes it's like having 2 jobs (especially now people are asking me for commissions) but it's worth it in the end. :)

    I'll email you soon!

  7. BTW I am drawing the English dragon...because apparently I don't sound Welsh at all. XD

    1. Lol, yeah I don't have an accent either, just a Ceeerdiff accent. Living in the valleys with my folks at the moment, I really like the valleys compared to cardiff and caerphilly. I do find the welsh accent charming, especially being called Love or Butt after every sentence is always great.

  8. Haha that is cheating Laura, I bet you have a whole book full of dragon paintings on the topic by now and already published.

    It is awesome that you are not giving up on art, always inspiring to see. Conrats on the commisions. Are you going to livestream in the future? Awesome way to get commision work.