Friday, 17 August 2012


Finally he is finished!

EDIT: fixed his wing!


  1. Nice job on this piece. Cool stuff :)

    What program do you use Laura?

    I left a reply to your comment thanks for stopping by, i mentioned about livestream as well. Definitly check it out or look for livestreams of artists streaming while working, really cool to chillout to and see people work even if they are not the best artists out there.

    But for the love of god watch out on livestream which ones you watch lol the amount of furry stuff or very very wierd stuff people draw is pretty funny (why they would waste their time drawing it i will never know but whatever it can be funny) but there are some ok artists who are on there who actually draw some neat stuff (mostly anime but there is a variety of stuff), i need to check to see if there are better places for streams that actually do art and not things that have forever scarred me lol.

    I have been watching sickbrush on livestream ( i think he streams most days), he is the first one who does actual concept art that i have found on there that does not involve ponies or wierd stuff lol I really need to find a good place to find some streams hehe

    If you want to discuss more about art stuff or anything just let me know, i'll be plodding along my art adventure to god knows where since i can keep it as a hobby now whilst i learn for a new career.

  2. Hi Mike!

    I did read your comment :D That's how I've tried working in the past but I always end up sketching, haha! You're far better at blocking things out than me but perhaps that comes from a CGI background as well?

    I've been on livestream a couple of times as my friend Malin likes to draw on there, and it's interesting to see how people work. I recently watched someone draw Ratchet which was tweeted by Insomniac games (you should check out 'Creaturebox' if you haven't yet - I think you'd like it), it's mad how something can start so simple and watching the process gives you a kick up the backside to work on your own stuff too.

    I use photoshop for pretty much everything and I download my own brushes. I mostly just stick to this brush pack though as it's never failed me:

    And yes I'm always checking my blog or you can e-mail if you want to talk about arty things! Your art has always inspired me, back to when we were in college playing bad games on your laptop haha.

  3. BTW this SAI thing you mentioned on your blog, is it a free download? I still occasionally use Open Canvas but mostly just for sketching. It looks good!

  4. I found an artist who draws a lot of dragons on livestream, wow if you have not checked it out you should, right up your alley and has a similar style to you.

    You can try a demo of sai which i am now just to have a mess with it which i will soon, i think it is cheap at $54, but have a google or look on youtube to see what you think of it and read up about it. I have yet to use open canvas but i am assuming it is very similar, so it may not be worth bothering with looking at Sai. Have you used painter at all?

    Lol it is amazing seeing other people work and how people approach art in different ways. Interesting watching what people like to draw, lol a lot of my little pony drawings for sure on livestream hehe

    I am envious of line drawers such as yourself as i never have the patience to do it for a clean ending.
    I tend to go nuts with the paint and just make it work somehow even though it always goes wrong, but that is half the fun.

    Also i am hearing the wacom digitiser is starting to appear on tablets of the future so a portable wacom tablet for drawing in photohop etc could be a reality that so many really want, but i am not sure are wallets are ready though.