Sunday, 8 July 2012

'Kindle's World' Characters.

'Kindle's World' is a work in progress title for a children's series of illustrated books I want to create. The kids I work with LOVED my first short story involving these characters, so I want to make more and see if they can be published. The aim is to illustrate a series of short stories which take place in a world of magic and mystery, where dragons and wizards are constantly bickering over what takes place! Kindle (no, not the digital book reader!) is a young dragon who's befriended by Dewin, a highly proficient wizard.

This is a sketch of Kindle as I imagine him 'grown up'. When I have a series of drawings together in the form of a coherent storybook, my friend Gwenno (who I work with at the nursery) has been very kind in translating my stories to 'real' Welsh. My Welsh is absolutely fine however she can string things together better as she is from North Wales!

Once things are in place and look professional, I will send my ideas to Dref Wen with the hopes of it becoming a real book!

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