Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Random sketches. I don't like the markings on the second one, but I lost the PSD file. Gah. The first one is some sort of 50's lady inspired by Cole Porter.


  1. The first of the three was unexpected, i never seen a more, sunny image by you. i like the use of almost pastle colour and limited use of lines in areas, very nice. arms feel a little too thin but thats about it really.

    Second one is nice, not much to comment on, like the use of different colours in shading. I like the markings too, they suit the character.

    Third one another dog. I mentioned before about trying to make animals look less emotional, its a nice expression, but kinda odd to see on a feral canine as aposed an anthropomorphic one. Also the wrong paws are rasied, one lifted paw needs to swap sides with a stationary paw, otherwise theres no balence. Tail also looks lifeless.

  2. Re: the feral doggie, it was supposed to be cartoony. A lot of Disney movies have cartoony, expressive feral dogs (101 Dalmatians for example), they don't have to be anthropomorphic.